“Billy the Kid in Santa Fe”

Billy the Kid in Santa Fe, Book One: Young Billy

Wild West History, Outlaw Legends, and the City at the End of the Santa Fe Trail (A Non-Fiction Trilogy)

Billy the Kid in Santa Fe, Book One, Young Billy book cover
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by Lynn Michelsohn

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Book Description

Did Billy the Kid ice skate?  . . . play baseball?  . . . tell ghost stories?

Legend says this notorious outlaw gunned down twenty-one men–one for each year of his short life–before Sheriff Pat Garrett ended that life in a darkened New Mexico bedroom on July 14, 1881.

But what was Billy like as a youngster in Santa Fe? 

– How did he spend his days, and his nights?
– Did he encounter other residents who would figure significantly in later chapters of his brief life?
– And what was New Mexico’s territorial capital like in Billy’s day?
– How did Santa Fe’s frontier character and its Hispanic culture shape the development of this future desperado?

Historical facts and fanciful legends swirl around Billy the Kid’s early days–and around the City at the End of the Santa Fe Trail–in Young Billy, Lynn Michelsohn’s first book of the non-fiction trilogy, Billy the Kid in Santa Fe.

Young Billy also includes
– over 40 photographs, drawings, and maps
– two appendices
– an extensive index.

Recommended for Western History buffs, Billy the Kid aficionados, and anyone who loves Santa Fe!


Table of Contents: 

Chapter 1. Billy Comes to Santa Fe–despite defunct burros
Chapter 2. Santa Fe Life–blue-eyed Mexicans, scheming politicians, and military music
Chapter 3. The City at the End of the Santa Fe Trail–mud, mud, and more mud!
Chapter 4. February 1873–did Billy ice skate? or play shortstop?
Chapter 5. Billy Leaves Santa Fe–after a documented event, at last!

Appendix A. Pronunciation Guide
Appendix B. Finding Billy’s Santa Fe Today


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