“Gullah Ghosts”

Gullah Ghosts: Stories and Folktales from Brookgreen Gardens in the South Carolina Lowcountry with Notes on Gullah Culture and History   (Tales from Brookgreen Series)

by Lynn Michelsohn

Gullah Ghosts book
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Book Description

~ the shrieking spirit of Crab Boy lost forever to a fierce marsh creature . . .

~ an ingenious slave matching wits with his plantation owner . . .

~ the unique inhabitants of isolated Sandy Island in the Carolina Lowcountry . . .

These are the “ghosts” of African-American Gullah culture once so alive along the South Carolina coast.

These selections (10,000 words, four illustrations–84 pages in paperback) of charming Gullah stories and folktales, including one actual ghost story (“Crab Boy’s Ghost”), as well as observations on Gullah history and culture, are also included in Lynn Michelsohn’s longer collection, Tales from Brookgreen, stories of ghosts, romantic heroines, historical characters, and mysterious visitors in the South Carolina Lowcountry. Excerpts (an additional 6000 words) from her other books are also included.


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