“Galapagos Birds”

Galapagos Island Birds 

in Herman Melville’s “The Encantadas or Enchanted Isles”
Illustrated with Wildlife Photographs from Ecuador’s Galapagos Archipelago made famous by Charles Darwin 

Galapagos Islands Birds eBook Cover, Moses Michelsohn, Photographer
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by Lynn Michelsohn, Herman Melville
Photographs by Moses Michelsohn

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Book Description

Birdlife in the Enchanted Isles . . .
“a winged and continually shifting canopy” of “gannets, black and speckled haglets, jays, sea-hens, sperm-whale-birds, gulls of all varieties” . . . “the stormy petrel…mysterious hummingbird of ocean” . . . “the man-of-war hawk…strong bandit birds, with long bills cruel as daggers” . . . “pelicans” . . . “penguins…erect as men” . . .

Enjoy birdlife of the Galapagos Islands with world-famous author Herman Melville!

Melville first glimpsed the Galapagos Islands as a young seaman on the whaler Acushnet out of New Bedford, Massachusetts. Years later, after the failure of his novel Moby-Dick, he tried to regain his lost popularity by writing a series ten of magazine sketches recalling this visit to the Galapagos Islands. He called his series “The Encantadas or The Enchanted Isles.”

This brief selection from the longer work, In the Galapagos Islands with Herman Melville includes:

~ “Sketch Third. Rock Rodondo,” the third of Melville’s ten sketches, including his descriptions of birdlife in this unique and exotic world.

~ Moses Michelsohn’s striking photographs (in color in all apps except the Kindle reader itself) illustrating Melville’s text.

~ Lynn Michelsohn’s introduction to Melville’s work.

~ Plus, a Bonus Section of 20 of Moses Michelsohn’s Galapagos Island bird photographs, not included in the longer work.

Enjoy your visit to the Galapagos Islands!

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