“Child Molesters, Child Rapists, and Child Sexual Abuse”

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Child Molesters, Child Rapists, and Child Sexual Abuse: Why and How Sex Offenders Abuse: Child Molestation, Rape, and Incest Stories, Studies, and Models

by Dr. Lynn Daugherty

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Book Description

Why would anyone sexually abuse a child? How does it happen!

Dr. Lynn Daugherty, clinical psychologist and award-winning author of the classic bestseller Why Me? Help for Victims of Child Sexual Abuse (Even if they are adults now), addresses these difficult questions in Child Molesters, Child Rapists, and Child Sexual Abuse.

Clear explanations in easy-to-understand language, illustrated with stories from both victims and abusers, help you:

~ Recognize circumstances that allow child sexual abuse to take place.

~ Identify motivations of different types of sex offenders: regressed vs fixated child molesters, anger vs power vs sadistic child rapists, female abusers, adolescent abusers, sociopaths.

~ Understand why and how someone could sexually abuse a child.

Dr. Daugherty guides parents, former victims, mental health professionals new to the field, and the general public to understanding those who sexually abuse children with this concise (92 pages in paperback), informative book.

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