Dr. Lynn Daugherty

Dr. Lynn Daugherty has been bringing hope and healing to victims of child sexual abuse, and to their families, for more than twenty-five years.
   Voices of Survivors
   Why Me? Help for Victims of Child Sexual Abuse 
   Child Molesters, Child Rapists, and Child Sexual Abuse
   Listening and Talking to Your Sexually Abused Child

 Lynn Michelsohn

Lynn Michelsohn writes non-fiction, primarily about travel and folklore, which often come together in her books.  Local history, ghost stories, quirky facts, and fascinating characters especially appeal to her.
   Lowcountry Ghosts
   Lowcountry Hurricanes
   Gullah Ghosts
   Crab Boy’s Ghost 
   Tales from Brookgreen
   Roswell, Your Travel Guide
   Galapagos Birds
   Galapagos Landscapes
   Melville’s “The Chola Widow”
   In the Galapagos Islands with Herman Melville
   Billy the Kid’ s Jail
   Billy the Kid in Santa Fe

Libby Lynn and Moses James

Libby Lynn is the childhood name of grown-up author Lynn Michelsohn. Moses James is the New Mexican boy who likes the wonderful sights and sounds of Santa Fe. Pitching peanuts to the pigeons in the Plaza — as well as chasing them — is one of his favorite pastimes.
   I See Santa Fe! A Children’s Guide

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